Our farm has years of history, and is a perfect background to capture your memories.

Do you remember learning about the Homestead Act way back in your high school history class? The Act was put in place in 1863 and tried to encourage Americans to settle the West. It gave people 160 acres of public land for just a small filing fee. If they were able to improve the land over the course of 5 years they were able to claim it as their own with no additional cost! My husband's Great-great-great-great Grandfather was a part of that! He came to America from Ireland during the potato famine. Working west on the railroad he settled in Kansas to claim his 160 acres.

We still have that original piece of land, but the farm has grown since it’s humble beginnings. It’s still considered a modest farm by today's standards, but we are proud to say it is completely run by our family. Jonathan, his dad Byron, mom Maribeth, and brother Jared keep us fully operational. We currently farm row crops; soy beans, corn, and occasionally wheat. We also have cattle and sell some beef on the side.

Being a part of such a special family legacy has been a huge blessing that I never dreamed of.

Are you interested in seeing the beautiful property? We are always looking forward to meeting new friends at the farm. We can't wait to show you around and capture your memories!

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